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boy and▓ girl of twelve and ten.In th●em were combined the best qua

lities o●f the parent races.No Americ●an children could have been quicker ▓of wit nor more whole-heartedly ●diligent at work or play; no Japanes▓e more open to impression nor more▓ inherently polite of demean▓or.Already the father was accus▓tomed to refer to his son problems too compl●icated for his own unresponsive i●ntellect; the mother left to her d

aughter t▓he details of flower-plot and wardrobe. ●Lodged in an airy chamber, I coul▓d have slept late next morning had I not be●en awakened at daybreak by what ●seemed to be a rapid succession of revo●lver shots.I sprang to the wind▓ow, half fearing that the propri▓etor was assassinating his wife i▓n a drunken frenzy.In the yard ▓below squatted the

half-breed children, ▓with a stick of “punk” and a g●reat bundle of fire-crackers.I had fo●rgotten the date.It was the Fourth, and Nagas▓aki was celebrating.All through th●e day bombilations sounded at regular in▓tervals about the city; nor was the racket inst●igated entirely by American residents. Ordi●narily the boy and girl of the hotel dressed

●exactly like their 464playmates and no sooner tu●rned their backs on their fath▓er than they lapsed at once into the nat●ive tongue.But on this American day ▓the boy wore a knickerbocker suit and le●ather shoes; his sister had laid a▓side her kimona and wooden sandals to d▓on a short frock and long stockings.Instead▓ of the intricate coiffure of the ●



festal day did a wo▓rd of Japanese pass between them. Two d●ays later, garbed in an America▓n khaki uniform chosen from t●he stock of a pawnbroker popula●r with soldiers returning from the P▓hilippines, I sought out the railway statio●n and took third-class passage for Hiroshima.T●wo policemen blocked my entrance▓ to the platform, and, in spite of my prote▓st that my history was recorded in full on the h▓otel register, they filled several pages o●f their notebooks with an acc●ount of my doings.For the wa●r with Russia was at its height▓ and a strict

watch was kept on all ▓white men within the empire. T

he ▓train wound off through a roll●ing, sylvan country, here circling the base ▓of a thickly-wooded hill, there c●linging close to the shore o●f a sparkling bay.No

e hous▓eh

t an acre?/p>

?capable of production was untilled.Peasants ●toiled in every valley, on every h●illside; their neat cottages dotted the land●scape as far as the eye could see.Popu

old were the

lous▓, wide

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